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Finding Your True North: Embracing My Personal Path to Happiness

Credit: Mi Pham. Unsplash

I asked a friend to write an article about struggling at work and the way she got out, here it is:

In my world filled with souless offices, performance reviews, and competition, I often felt like just another cog in the machine. Though paved with security and predictability, the path before me felt alien. On a particularly challenging day, sandwiched between meetings and report deadlines, topped with a particularly pointless meeting with a manager, I had an epiphany: the only time I felt authentically happy was when I ventured off the well-trodden path and did things my way.

My Journey to Discovering Passion

For years, I believed that titles, paychecks, and accolades defined success. But beneath the layers of expectations, my heart yearned for something different – something more genuine. I have always been restless, I have never settled under other people and what I felt was strangulation. It wasn’t about being contrary or rebellious. It was about finding and embracing my unique voice in a cacophony of what I felt was time wasting.

Navigating My Own Way: Steps I Took

  1. Deep Introspection: Late-night journaling became my refuge. Through words, I unravelled my desires, fears, and dreams. I asked myself tough questions about what truly lit the fire within me.
  2. Researching My Interests: Whether it was starting a personal project, pursuing a hobby, or even considering a new career path, I took the time to understand the nuances, challenges, and joys each could bring.
  3. Upskilling: I realized that my dreams might require new tools. From online courses to weekend workshops, I sought ways to better equip myself.
  4. Financial Safety Nets: Practicality and passion are not mutually exclusive. By planning my finances, I allowed myself to explore without the looming pressure of bills.
  5. Building My Tribe: I connected with like-minded souls who dared to dream differently. Their stories of challenges and triumphs inspired me to keep moving forward.
  6. Baby Steps: My journey wasn’t about sudden leaps but consistent, intentional steps. I began small, testing waters, and gradually expanded my horizons.
  7. Facing Hurdles with Grace: Not every day was rosy. There were doubts and setbacks. But with each hurdle, I learned, adapted, and grew stronger.

My Message to Fellow Seekers

Life is too short to walk someone else’s path. While stepping away from the familiar is never easy, the reward of living a life that feels genuinely ‘you’ is unparalleled. I’m still on my journey, with much to learn and explore. But with each step on this self-carved path, I find a deeper sense of joy, purpose, and fulfilment.