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Navigating the complex terrain of loss and moving forward:

I find this really hard to talk about, but I will try my best. Over the past few years, I have lost people very close to me, and it fucking hurts.

It is no Sunday picnic. It could be the cold grip of death or the end of a love affair, I feel like I am riding the mean streets of my soul.

Feel the darkness and embrace the ugly: You are going to feel shit. And that’s OK. Anger, sadness, confusion- they are all in the sordid vortex of a mix. Let ‘em out. Let your emotions flow. There is no sugar-coating it, but f**k it, that’s life, isn’t it?

Messy as a stonking hangover: Grief is like stumbling through the dark, falling over and banging your head. Messy, uncertain and not straight…..You will curse, cry, and even fight with the shadows. Nothing will make sense because it doesn’t. Multiply these feelings by ten if need be 

Misery loves company: Yeah, you might be in hell but guess what? If you ask around, there are several people in the same version of miserable tales as you. 

Drown your memories: They are like a cheap shot of tequila. They burn like fuck and hurt like hell. Remember the good, the bad times and all the in-between times.

Credit: Ann. Unsplash

Self-Care: Sounds a bit cliche. I am not talking about bubble baths and oil massages but do the things you love most, take a walk or listen to music that matches your mood.

Navigate the back alley: Life has taken a turn, my friend, It is time to navigate your way through but the key is to keep moving, even if you are half blind

Time will be your only ally….the do-good chic who comes over as a feel-sorry companion, or you inking your heart out on paper, the person who offers you a listening ear all help, but the one thing that will stand out is…..TIME.

Give time its chance to work and be patient